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Finding a good local DJ can often be hard work. Read our advice below that covers the questions you should ask, the alternatives and expectations. We hope you will find this interesting and informative and that it results in you saving money and time as well as ending up with a great act for your wedding.

A little advice when hiring a DJ for your wedding
If you’ve decided that hiring a wedding DJ is the right entertainment for your wedding or party then you’ll likely be scouting the internet for a good local DJ, the most cost effective service and a DJ that plays the music you actually want to hear. Despite there being a number of really good DJs available, that is just the problem. I can’t count the number of DJs that simply play the music they want to hear regardless of their audience and requests. From student DJs to professional Club DJs right the way through to wedding DJs, so many of them have the same philosophy. Playing the tunes that they like and not necessarily the client.

Just like the live bands we list on our homepage, we have also listed a number of DJs on the site for you to contact easily without the need to go through an agency. When booking the DJ make sure you as the right questions and remember that although the price is important, you are better off paying that little bit extra for a quality service. Here are a few questions you may want to ask from the obvious to slightly less obvious.

  • What genre music do you normally play and do you take requests?
  • What is your charge?
  • How long do you perform for?
  • I have a live band playing at my party too who will provide a sound system. Can you make use of this and if so can you can you offer a price reduction?
  • Do you provide disco lighting?
  • My venue requires public liability insurance, so you hold this?
  • Is your disco equipment PAT tested?
  • How much power does your equipment draw when plugged in?

The dreaded sound system

Another shortfall of DJs is often the quality of their sound system. Despite a great lighting show you can often hear DJs obsesses with pumping bass frequencies masking the clarity of the song or those who go the other way with cheap tinny sounding, underpowered speakers. Do check with the performer what equipment they use. It may sound a little picky but remember once booked and once you have parted with your money, the only thing you can do is stop the music if it is not going particularly well. For a few minutes of your time a dozen questions could result in you booking a fantastic, reliable and entertaining DJ for your party, wedding or corporate function.

Get several references

Regardless of booking directly or if you book through an agency you should always get a number of personal references. Ask for an email address of people to contact as well as testimonials on their websites.

What price should you pay for a DJ

Like live bands DJs vary in price widely but you should be able to find a quality DJ, providing the sound system and lighting for around £350. They should set up before the party, be dressed appropriately and not be expected to perform beyond the time allowed by the venue.  High end DJs may charge up to £1000 but do ask yourself what you are paying for? If you already know what you want to hear you could save a fortune.

Do I need a DJ for my wedding?

Well, if you already have entertainment such as a live function band then it’s more than likely that they will provide music in between their live sets and so an additional DJ is an expense you could cut back on. They’ll probably end up only playing for an hour once you take into account the bands set times, break and the time the venue closes.

DJ or live band?

Your choice entirely. Why not check out the list of live bands as well as the DJs and decide for yourself.



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