Top UK Wedding Bands is now Secure!

January 20, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Wedding blog

In a recent blog post Google announced that it would like to see all web sites use https security for a whole variety of reasons.

Going secure means that information sent to and from our web site is encrypted so can’t be read even if it was somehow intercepted.

Google are also using this as a ranking signal, so sites like ours that have gone secure can expect a boost in the search results! For more info about this see:

They have also published a “HTTPS Everywhere” video:

We are glad to have improved our security and followed Google’s guidelines.

The changes shouldn’t impact the user experience in any way so it’s business as normal 🙂

Hopefully the rankings boost will kick in very shortly and we can expect our traffic to increase further.

If you have any questions at all regarding security please get in touch.