Getting enquiries

There are a number of factors in getting an enquiry to your inbox. Needless to say that first of all you require significant web traffic that is specific and targeted. We can help you with this so see to the right how we can promote you. Once you’ve done this you’ll be mistaken to think the enquiries will automatically come through even though your web traffic increases. This is not the case. Your website needs to sell your function band and offer clear information about you and what you offer. If the reader likes what they see, a clean well presented website that is easy to navigate you are more likely to get an enquiry. A specific contact page is suggested.

Demo material

Demo audio should be high quality, live or studio is fine and demonstrate the diversity or specificity of the act you are selling. Dodgy mobile phone recordings will likely result in your web page being closed and the potential client looking else where. It may sound obvious but there are many bands out there with such material on their site. Your vocalist should be the one that performs in the band today and not last season. The vocals should be in tune and not overcorrected with plugins.

Other media

Youtube videos are great and can also help independently promote your band. Embed these in your site so the client does not get diverted away from your website. Again, make sure the band looks presentable, the audio is high quality and there are not cables all over the place. Clients do not want to see a messy band.

Dealing with enquiries

Be quick and forget auto-replies thanking them for making contact. This can be annoying and is quite formal. Try to engage on a personal level with each client listening to their needs and requirements rather than dictating what the band provides. With a little flexibility you will find your band gets more bookings. Be polite, detailed and informative as well as offering additional digital media with more information about the band.

Your quotes

Let the client know the total price paid after any added costs such as travel. Calculate this before hand and be clear. Not doing so may result in another band getting a booking where they have been specific on the price. Offer more than one option of booking the band where possible, for example in another format, 4 or 5 piece or an additional vocalist. Bands with both male and female vocals do tend to get more bookings. If sending a quote via email, check your spelling every time.

Your contract

Again be specific and include as much information as possible drawing from your emails with the client. Read over and forward a draft to the client asking for it to be checked and amended where needed. If you have agreed on a meal, transport costs and so on as well as what you are providing then include all of this. A contract is a two way thing in both of your interests. Try to secure a deposit of at least 25% in case of cancelation. Send over your PAT certification evidence and PLI if possible to prevent being asked the day before the event. Get all your paperwork done together.

The run up to the wedding performance

If you are successful and have secured a booking do not forget your client until the wedding day. Periodically stay in touch and at least a week beforehand gather all the information you have, read through all correspondence and make contact to put the clients mind at rest that you are ready to perform and looking forward to the event

The performance

Be well presented, on time as contracted, make no unreasonable demands and perform to the best of your ability. Do your thing and show them exactly why they booked you. Quality music as well as the superb service you offered them up to the time of the performance.  Be prepared for an encore and be willing to play a little longer to exceed expectations. This will be noted by those who booked you, appreciated and result in word getting out to other couples there who may be getting married….So have your business cards ready.

Post performance

It costs you nothing to send an email a few weeks later to say how much you enjoyed performing at the wedding and wishing them the best of luck for the future. This will remind them of you and may again result in you being recommended as well as receive a letter of thanks you can use as a testimonial on your website.



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